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Infinity Conferences delivers flawlessly executed conferences and events – as you’d expect of a top-level professional event organizer. But we also do something much rarer: we bring you an exceptional team of people who make the experience a pleasure. We are dedicated to the provision of global business information through premier, high-profile, specialized business to business events, including:

  International flagship events
  Global industry summits
  Product conferences
  Executive briefings
  Emerging market summits
  Global courses & training, for commerce, industry and the professions

Dedicated to providing an independent platform for the interaction and discussion of the latest business and industry strategies, it strives to combine excellence and professionalism through linkage with inter-governmental, professional and industry groups worldwide, as well as private and public sector organizations.

Infinity Conferences introductory and advanced courses of two to four days, executive briefings and workshops, organized with industry specialists, leading consultants and advisers, think-tanks as well as professional and policy groups, provide intensive learning opportunities and practical solutions across key industry sectors and attract a global audience.


Infinity Conferences aims to be the market leader in the provision of commercial information, strategies and independent platforms for networking and sharing of knowledge, through its flagship events, corporate briefings, international summits, training courses and seminars.


Infinity Conferences strives to be the market leader in high-level industry conferences by providing a professionally-managed, independent platform for information exchange for commerce.

Knowledge exchange through established flagship events, which attract senior executives and key corporate decision makers, policy makers, innovators and experts

Dissemination of latest business issues through corporate briefings, international summits, courses, seminars and managed events and in-house company training

Facilitating the discussion of leading edge business strategies with relevant business and industry leaders

Delivering outstanding opportunities for industry networking on a global basis

Maximizing customer loyalty and satisfaction through the regular creation of value-added innovative products and services

Advancement of knowledge and acquisition of business information through education and customized workshops and training courses

Building on-going, long-term relationships with our partners, delegates, role-players and advisors.

Being the preferred partner and organizer of key international industry events


Our conferences are organized to:
   Be powerful, authoritative events that have an impact on a specific industry or subject.
  Provide annual updates of key developments in the various industry subject groups
  Act as multi-disciplinary forums which bring together experts from both the private and public sectors for debate and discussions
  Be platforms for premier networking opportunities with decisions makers and potential partners
  Allow access to specialized and privileged business information on current and future and strategies

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Our workshops & trainings are organized to:
  Enable debates on hot and tough topics
  Have hands on experience through projects and boot camp style formats
  Provide case studies and examples by industry experts
  Network with young leaders
  Focus on practical learning of emerging technologies

These workshops are mixed format of conference and training providing key insights of the current market and hands on training on new technologies and methodologies.

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Join the list of distinguished speakers for our upcoming events. We invite respected keynote speakers senior company executives, industry and thought leaders, policy makers, management specialists, leading practitioners and best-selling authors, from the Gulf/Middle East, Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific, to share insights, expertise and provide solutions for today’s challenging business environment.

Our courses, technical seminars and briefings are led by specialist Course Directors, with industry knowledge and experience, cutting edge technology options and who are leaders in their fields.
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Our international flagship and signature events in the Middle East provide high profile and targeted sponsorship/exhibition opportunities for strategic promotion and branding. The presence of key decision makers makes our conferences and workshops the ideal platform for direct contact with new and existing customers, to launch new products and services and to profile not only joint ventures and projects but company milestones.
Creating customer value and satisfaction are the cornerstones of our sponsorship outreach, which are custom designed for each event and venue, offering the flexibility of both low and high value options.
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The following sponsorship options are available to reinforce branding, to get into direct contact with key decision makers and qualified buyers and to position your company, products, services and executives as key players with major industry leaders as your audience.

• Learning Opportunities
• Conference functions (Dinners, Luncheons, Receptions, Coffee Breaks and Speaker Breakfasts)
• Hospitality Suites & Dedicated Meeting Areas
• Conference Signage
• Speaker Gifts
• Audio-visual Sponsorship
• Exhibition Opportunities
• Marketing collaterals


Sponsorships at our events are an effective option for high visibility, brand recognition, profile and premium networking opportunities including: -

• Brand recognition and awareness of corporate identity on conference collaterals/signage, co-branding of functions, high traffic hospitality areas and in media coverage
• Strong branding via marketing literature and collateral materials on site
• Lower level sponsorships ideal for smaller groups and teams seeking profile
• Higher level sponsorships can be maximized for larger group attendance
• VIP facilitation for Higher level sponsorships
• One to One introductions

For information on sponsorship opportunities please contact us at

For information on sponsorship opportunities please contact us at

Partners & Sponsors

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