Advanced Analytics for Business Applications Masterclass
(using KNIME visual software)

15 - 16 May 2017 | Media Rotana


Predictive modeling and deep analytics have been applied for years. There are three main tasks:
  Predictive modeling (example: predicting customers' churn, risk, value)
  Forecasting (example: sales)
 Customer segmentation (example: applying different marketing strategies or actions to different groups of clients)

You will learn how to perform them using a free visual software KNIME. Knowing how to build these models will allow you to apply them to different business cases. The course is an understandable and gentle introduction to advanced analytics using KNIME.

Using free software in business analytics is a trend visible since late 90's. Nowadays it is even hard to avoid to use free tools. They got a big share of the market and this contribution has been rapidly growing.


About the tool KNIME:
  KNIME is a free visual and user friendly deep analytics tool
  Report "2016 Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms" locates KNIME in a square of Visionaries / Leaders!

The course is hands-on and the participants will have their own laptops with KNIME installed. The presentations will be short. Around 70-80% of time for hands-on exercises and discussions.


  Learn essential skills of free software KNIME.

  You will be able to build a predictive model. Even if you will start without the knowledge of this topic.

  You will be able to build a customers' segmentation.

  You'll learn basic and more advanced forecasting methods.

  Learn how to preprocess data for development advanced analytics.

  Get knowledge of adequate statistical methods.

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ARTUR SUCHWAŁKO has twenty years of experience in deep business analytics projects. He worked for various companies: from start-ups to international corporations, and in various roles: as an employee, a consultant, and a business owner.

He is an experienced programmer and project manager. He spent over ten years working as a statistician in a commercial bank, where he dealt mainly with construction of predictive models and development of supporting software. At the same time he received Ph.D. in Mathematics and wrote several scientific papers.

He currently runs his company QuantUp, focusing on data analysis, statistical modeling, software development and commercial trainings. He has led at least several dozens of projects and several thousands hours of commercial trainings related to deep business intelligence. He is a co-owner, Vice CEO and CSO of a Swedish bioinformatics company MedicWave. He has a long-time experience working with open source software and promotes its use in business applications. He is a fan and keen user of the R language and a co-author of a book on forecasting in R.

Data Scientist & Owner at QuantUp


Job Titles

  • Analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Reporting specialist
  • Data scientist
  • Demand planner
  • Direct marketing specialist
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  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Retail & Manufacturing
  • Banking and Finance
  • Oil and Gas
  • Media, Advertising and Marketing
  • Public Sector
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08:30 AM


09:00 AM


  Introduction to advanced analytics
  Introduction to KNIME

  • – Functionality overwiew
    – Working with flows / nodes
    – Handling workflows


10:30 AM


11:00 AM

Data reading, preprocessing, and writing

  Data reading
   Basic exploratory analysis
   Data preprocessing

– Filtering
– Grouping
– Selecting variables
– Handling missing observations
   Data writing

12:30 PM


01:30 PM

Forecasting - part I

   Forecasting with KNIME
  Finding and removing a trend
  Using trend
  Using seasonality

03:00 PM


03:30 PM

Forecasting - part II

  Basics of regression
  Using regression for forecasting
  Auto prediction with regression and neural networks

09:00 AM

Predictive modeling - part I

  Introduction to building predictive models
  Overview of models

- logistic regression
- classification trees
- random forest


10:30 AM


11:00 AM

Predictive modeling - part II

  Feature selection methods

- stepwise methods
- random forest
  Predictive ability
- learning / test split and Cross Validation
- confusion matrix


12:30 PM


01:30 PM

Customer segmentation - part I

  Expert methods
  Measuring similarity

03:00 PM


03:30 PM

Customer segmentation - part II + Recap

  Clustering methods
  Selection of number of clusters

Masterclass starts in:


  • Any experience in data analysis in any tool.
  • The workshop will be interactive. Please, bring a laptop with the newest KNIME version (KNIME Analytics Platform + all free extensions) installed (free download).


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